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If you are searching for Al Enzweiler to request a collaboration to get a quote on the relatively small, fixed price consulting fee for members of your enterprise’s senior management(s) to collaborate as members of Architecture Team(s) over a very short duration with one of a small consulting firm’s Senior System Architects, to complete Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology to plan to;

  • Develop architected Targets System(s) that will go-live possibly on-time and definitely within very small budgets being used by members of senior management team(s) to continually improve at managing their managers, to continually improve at managing to set and hit metric targets for managing their responsibilities to consistently make their contributions to hitting earnings targets
  • Configure and implement an architected and developed ERP System and a Human Capital Management System, that will go-live on-time to be within a very small budget being used to maintain some of the data that will be synchronized to be used by Targets System(s) and being used as the integral parts of State-of-the-Art Financial System(s) used to realize productivity gains; transacting and accounting for transacting E-Commerce and classic business with customers and suppliers, compensating and accounting for compensating human resources and publishing financial statements that will report earnings targets have been consistently hit over a very long duration that started shortly after Targets System(s) went live

then please follow the link to After more than 30 years of being one of a small consulting firm’s Senior System Architects I’ve written the firm’s first proposal.

In the early 2000s when the Internet’s webinars obsoleted the seminar Planning a State-of-the-Art Financial System that was the firm’s marketing campaign, I was very fortunate that the firm had many client’s that made referrals on collaborating with one of small consulting firm’s Senior System Architects to complete Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology.  Unfortunately in 2021 many of the firm’s clients have retired. 

I am optimistic that with the publication of the firm’s first proposal, that the blinking red indicator on the firm’s Actual vs Metric Targets dashboard for opportunities in the pipeline will once again be green.

Al Enzweiler

One of a Small Consulting Firm’s Senior System Architects